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Exhibition Management

Hall-Erickson, Inc.
Pete Erickson, President
98 E. Chicago Avenue
Westmont, IL  60559-1559
T: 630-434-7779
F: 630-434-1216

Exhibit Space AssignmentS, Sponsorship Sales, ENDOExpo Theater, Relocations:

Greg Andruch, ENDOExpo Manager
T: 630-929-7972

EXHIBIT Space AssignmentS, Sponsorship Sales, RELOCATIONS:

Zach Erickson, Exhibit Sales Manager
T: 630-929-7934

Exhibit Space Invoicing and Payment, Exhibit Rules & Regulations, Expo Schedule:

Fred Champagne, Exhibits Coordinator
T: 630-929-7904

Company Listing, EAC Approvals:

Penny McQuality, Online Planner/EAC Coordinator
T: 630-929-7932

Exhibitor Badges:

Convention Data Services
107 Waterhouse Road
Bourne, MA 02532
T: 508-743-0197
F: 508-759-4238

Exhibitor Housing:

350 N Clark St
Suite 200
Chicago, IL  60654
T: 312-527 7270

ENDO 2018 Support:

The Endocrine Society
2055 L Street, NW   Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
T: 202-971-3636
F: 202-736-9705